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Emerald Ruby and Sapphire Suite

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This colorful suite displays a multitude of gems. This suites necklace has both emeralds and rubies set in a clover pattern around a diamond. Each clover leads into this hidden clasp that makes this necklace appear never-ending. This suite includes earrings have sapphires, rubies, and emeralds all contrasting into a bold one-of-a-kind piece, with a center emerald crowning each strand of gems. Each gem is separated by a diamond that sparkles bright capturing onlookers with its emboldened status. This suites Italian hand-made quality can be felt in its structural rigidity and seen in its hard-to-miss demeanor. Truly one of a kind piece.


• 60+ Carats Of Emeralds
• 60+ Carats Of Rubies
• 24 Carats Of Diamonds F Color VS Clarity
• Italian • 18K Gold

• 12 Carats Of Emeralds
• 8 Carats Of Rubies
• 10 Carats Of Sapphires
• 5 Carats Of Diamonds F-VS
• 18K Gold