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GIA Certified 3.04 Carat Natural Pink Sapphire Ring Set With Diamonds Platinum

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GIA Certified Natural Pink Sapphire = 3.04 Carat
Diamonds = 0.43 Carats
(Color: F, Clarity: VS)
Metal: Platinum
Gift Box included
GIA Result Details
• Shape: Oval
• Cutting Style: Crown: Modified Brilliant Cut
• Cutting Style: Pavillion: Modified Step Cut
• Transparency: Transparent
• Color: Purplish Pink
• Species: Natural Corundum
• Variety: Natual Sapphire
• Geographic Origin: Sri Lanka
Treatment: No Indications of Heating
Item Description: Center stone with a client-stated weight of 3.04 carats set in a white metal ring with six (6) near colorless tapered baguettes and numerous near-colorless round brilliant.
Weight: 6.86 grams (gross)
Measurments: 10.50 x 8.14 x 3.68