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"Picasso's Studio" by Damian Elwes

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This stunning work by Damian Elwes is a focal piece. On such a large scale, this bold, and beautifully subtle geometric depiction of Picasso's studio is sure to awe!  

Owned by Melanie Griffith, it was originally purchased as a gift for Antonio Benderas during his role in the 2017 anthology series; Genius. 


Painting of Picasso’s Studio by Damian Elwes: 

Materials: Mixed Media (Acrylic, Oils, Crayons, on canvas);

Era: 2005

Owner: Melanie Griffith

Dimensions: 8’6” x 4’4”

[British/American artist, born 1960; “Picasso’s Studio” (Bateau Lavoir)]